January 19, 2021

Help with cyber security

Not sure who to ask, but this sub seems pretty knowledgeable. For the past 4 months, I’ve gotten hacked on just about everything. This includes my bank account twice. I’ve changed all my passwords to “secure” ones and added two-factor authentication whenever I can. I’m convinced my info is somewhere out in the dark web. What can I do? Is there a trust worthy service that can check where my info is for me? I feel so victimized, please help!



you could check if your email (and password) is leaked on [haveibeenpwned.com](https://haveibeenpwned.com). If your email shows up in a breach, then changing your passwords is *generally* enough. Note that you should always use different passwords for each service – *no password reuse, not even variations*. No, replacing letters with numbers (l33tspeak) is not sufficient.

Nobody has time to remember all passwords, so make sure to use a good password manager. For the relatively tech-savvy, I can recommend Keepass (back it up manually), for the less tech savvy i could recommend Bitwarden (actually, also for the tech-savvy, this is a great pw manager). both are free and open source.

If your accounts keep getting hacked, despite password changes, it is possible someone has access to your email account or your device is compromised (or both). Change the password of your email and enable 2fa. This is crucial, as your email is used to recover all other passwords of services connected to it.

Lastly; be prudent, but don’t stress, and no need to be paranoid. You are not the first, neither are you the last. You will be fine.

Sidenote: If you haven’t already, if your bank account is hacked (and you have proof of this), then take this to the bank immediately, and always.

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