July 8, 2021

Hey everyone, i really need some advice/guidance regarding school this year: CompSci or Networking/Security..

So I will be choosing between one of these two programs. Both are 3 year college programs from the same college

1) The CompScience program mainly revolves around programming (Java, C#, C++, C and others) OS systems (Linux, windows and QNX). Courses like data structures, compilers and others. The majority of the program consists of courses in systems programming, software development, testing and maintenance.

2) The networking/security is mainly about networking the first two years and security the third year. First two years will be courses in networking fundamentals, enterprise networking, advanced enterprise networking, routing and switching, two Linux courses, database management(SQL and python, a few courses in Windows. We also learn about cloud infrastructure, specifically Microsoft Azure. The program also offers a two day Azure boot camp with the option to the write the exam at some point afterwards. Third year courses – network security, cryptography, penetration testing, digital forensics and recovery, advanced security appliances etc.

Both programs offer internships. Two back to back paid internships (8 months total).

My main interest is in cyber security. For a while I have been interested in the networking/security program that I have mentioned but recently I have been thinking about the CompSci program. I’m not sure why but it’s been on my mind. I guess the networking/security program is better suited, as the CompSci program is mainly about software development and doesn’t teach anything about security. I guess software/application security is a future path? I need some thoughts and advice guys.. please comment. I am going to school this year and will need to decide..



Networking/Security is better than the CompScience. Software/application security is one of the fields in cyber but it is much smaller/narrower, unless you’re really into coding.


Well what do you want to do in terms of job?

Also, you kind of answered it yourself in that last paragraph. If dont want to do software security, and peograming, your choice is clear.

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