April 28, 2021

Hey security buyers/cybersecurity stans: what are some of the pain points you’ve encountered in configuration and maintenance of cybersecurity products?

We’re a team of students working on a project and are hoping to gain some insights from the experts on this subreddit!



A few off the top of my head

* Compatibility – Security tools often enough don’t play nice with other software. Not simply in a “the other software looks like malware” but “the security software intercepted one of my calls now I’m confused, and I’m going to BSOD your device.”
* Performance – Security tools often slow down endpoints.
* Vendors and Whitelisting – Vendor changes can cause problems. Ideally vendors should sign their software with security certs but… most don’t. This forces software whitelisting to be by .exe name (bad idea) or hash (which will change each time the vendor updates the code, obviously)
* Defining Business Objectives/Implementing the business objectives in the configuration – Especially for DLP solutions.
* Software that require reboots – Users do not like to reboot their devices. If you don’t have the authority/technical infrastructure to enforce that, then it can be an issue.


Products whose technical documentation is superficial and/or as loaded with marketing as their sales literature.

Technical documentation should include explanations of the underlying architecture and processes and when the documentation suggests a configuration step, it should tie it to those processes and architecture as well as how the configuration and architecture react to the environment for the desired effect.

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