October 13, 2021

Homelab Focused on Security

I’m currently studying for various certs to eventually (hopefully) enter the cyber security field.

Right now I’m working though the certs and tryhackme on my surface which is fine and progressing well, but I’ve read one should also build a homelab as an attempt to add experience. Plus it’s been a long time since I’ve built a computer and it sounds fun/interesting to do an actual project.

I stepped over to /r/homelab and quickly stepped out when I realized most of those setups are waaaay over my head and significantly more than what I am looking to do.

I spent some time on google but almost all of the results I came across were just how to use a VM for practice. Something I already do daily.

Are there any good resources for building something like this? I’d like do a PC (1k or so budget) and use it for learning as well as monitoring my home network. Basically whatever I need to help getting better at this stuff. As you can see I am as green as it gets with the PC build.

In case you are the type to get annoyed by duplicate threads I also posted this in the CompTIA sub since that’s where I originally got the idea. :)

Thanks for the help.



If you are looking to buy a machine to run multiple VMs on (for example for AD lab), usually the most effective way would be to just buy a used server. If you wanna build your own PC for that purpose, you’ll need a reasonably good CPU and as much RAM as possible.

Alternatively, you could use AWS to set up your lab, which has the added benefit of learning how to use AWS.

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