July 17, 2021

How can I find an image of myself online that was deleted?

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a weird question, but I was unsure of what subreddit to ask this on.

A couple of months ago I was out with my friends and made the mistake of smoking a joint with them. Without my knowledge or permission, one of my friends took a picture of me holding the joint in my mouth. About 6 weeks ago, my friend posted the picture that he took of me on his public Instagram account that has about 150 followers. He tagged me in the picture, which led me to seeing it as soon as it was posted. I immediately texted him and told him to take it down, which he did, so the post was only up for about ~3 minutes before deletion. Both my account nor his has our full names attached to it.

I am underage and live in a state where marijuana is illegal for recreational consumption, and it is very frowned upon. I am hoping to start a career in either finance or business administration after college, which I understand are both very professional.

I was wondering if there was a high chance that my future employers would be able to find this deleted image of me. I have been doing some research online to see if the image could be archived somewhere and I found a few “wayback machines” but was unable to find any archives of it. I also used reverse image searches but they weren’t very accurate.

Is there anything else I should check to make sure that this picture won’t be found by an employer looking for information on me? The picture was not linked to my real name but I don’t know the power that companies in the private sector have these days.

Thanks so much.



Weed will probably be legalized by the time you start working.

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