January 25, 2021

How can I get help with Windows 10?

Well if you were familiar with Windows 7 you made a system image before you upgraded. So restore your computer system image back to Windows 7. After you have done that. And everything is working again import every one of your bookmarks into Firefox or Google chrome and synchronize it. Then create a USB installation stick with the Windows 10 media installation tool. Pay attention to what version of Windows 7 that you’re using example either home or professional.

Now take another drive and save your favorites and your pictures your music etc onto that drive.

Now take the USB installer that you have made.

Boot to it that’s f12 if you’re on a Dell and f9 if you’re on a Hewlett Packard

Now delete all of the partitions that you see when you run the installer and click the button that says new.

Install a brand new version of Windows 10.

After it is installed and everything is updated which usually takes about an hour and a half. You can take your USB drive that you have your favorites and your pictures and your music and put them all back into your main folder.

You don’t see the recycle bin the control panel my computer where is it? Right click in the center of your desktop choose personalization on the personalization menu find where it says desktop icons check mark the box that says recycle bin control panel my computer etc click apply now it’s on your desktop just like it was with Windows 7.

Put everything back in your main folder where it was before.

Now download either Google chrome or Firefox and sign into your account click synchronize.

In just a couple of minutes all of your bookmarks that you synchronized to Google chrome or Firefox from Windows 7 they’re back where they’re supposed to be.

And all your passwords work just like they’re supposed to.

If you can’t figure out the windows 10 start menu then download classic Shell for Windows 10 it’ll make your computer look just like Windows 7 and it’s free.

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