January 6, 2021

How can I show hiring managers I’m capable without having years of experience?

Sorry in advance for half rant, half question.

I’m currently highly frustrated with some of the responses I’m getting to job applications, and also the completely unrealistic expectations written in Job Descriptions.

Add to this the fact that there’s a supposed “skills shortage” in Cyber Security, but to me it just looks like roles are unrealistically restrictive.

How can every role ask for a CISSP? I thought that was supposed to be the pinnacle of Cyber Security… only managers and above truly need a CISSP.

I have a CASP+ from CompTIA because I thought it would be a better cert for Senior Engineer or Architect level jobs since I’m not looking for management…

What’s the purpose of certifications anyways? – I thought they were supposed to show employers that you have the ability to perform certain jobs. But employers don’t really seem to care or understand what certifications actually certify!

I mean why else would a CISSP be required for both a Security Analyst & a Head of IT Security role?

How can a single certification be so versatile?

Also how can a job description ask you to have a TOGAF, COBIT, PRINCE2 & ITIL + CISSP and at least 4 years experience for a Tier2 Analyst role? WHAT??????

What’s the point of working hard to learn, certify, and gain knowledge at my previous jobs, if the hiring manager will look at my CV and say I don’t have enough years experience?

I know that I can beat many people with 10+ years experience in technical knowledge… so why is it that employers can be so shallow to look at a number and use that as a criteria for defining whether you’re ready or not for a job?


I seriously don’t understand what is happening… please help!

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