September 28, 2021

How could I get a better salery?

Hello, I will be graduating in summer ’22. I am majoring in cyber security. I am attending a community college. I am in New Mexico.By the time I graduate I will have my CompTIA Trifecta. How could I get a higher salary?



First off, it’s salary with an ‘A’. To get a higher salary, we’d first need to know your current salary, unless you’re asking how to get a generally higher salary, as in, a good paying job, right out of school. The answer is to apply to many jobs, you will have your choice of salary with multiple offers. But a good rule of thumb is that more education and more experience = more money. An associates is good but have you considered a bachelor’s?


Don’t make spelling mistakes on your resume.


Not following. Getting a higher salary in cyber security is no different than any other industry. Experience, perseverance, luck, contributing to the team, etc. Same life skills.


My advice is shoot for a small company that can’t afford to pay you all that much but knows it. Find a place that will let you play a bit. Find a place you can grow your skills based on that’s needed and what your capable of. The best way to make more is to be better. If you are just starting out this can make you better.


Look harder, eat celery


You won’t make a lot right out of school, comptia certs don’t mean a lot. Join help desk > sysadmin > networks > soc > blue team > pentester

That’s how you become the strongest


Realistically, you are not in a salary bargaining position while applying to a first company for an entry level job. If you can prove practical knowledge and experience with Cyber tools, in the real world as an intern or cross training, you’d be at least more successful in beating other applicants for a position. Wage increases come with time. Just concentrate on getting your foot into the door of a great company with a solid cyber team.

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