March 23, 2021

How could my credit card information have been stolen?

So I just had my credit card number stolen for the second time in 12 months. I don’t know how it keeps happening.

I’ve only used this credit card for on-line purchases. I haven’t used it in physical purchases because of COVID.

I only use my credit card in reputable websites, such as the main retail store in my country (basically our equivalent of Amazon) and my country’s equivalent of eBay. These sites are used by millions of people, and I don’t see any news about leaks.

I don’t think I have been phished because I only entered credit card information when making purchases in these sites and all of them were shipped, so they were legitimate.

My router has up to date firmware and I recently flashed the latest version downloaded from the vendor’s website.

I have an iPhone with the latest version of iOS. All my apps are from App Store and i don’t have jailbreak.

I have 2 computers, one with Windows and one with Linux.

I did a full Windows Defender scan and found zero threats. Then I used Malwarebytes which found no malware.

I used chkrootkit, clamav and rkhunter to check Linux and didn’t find anything wrong.

No suspicious Firefox extensions, only uBlock and password manager

I don’t reuse passwords in any website and I use 2 factor authentication whenever possible. I also didn’t receive any emails about suspicious activity in any of my internet accounts.

haveibeenpwned doesn’t detect any leaks

Is there any clue of what might have happened? I really don’t understand how my credit card could have been stolen.



I’m assuming it was a different credit card both times? If it was the same card both times you should get a new one ASAP, your info is likely out there on the dark Web.

Did you use any hole-in-the-wall cash points? You may have used one which has been setup with a scanner.

Lastly I’d look at people in your life… Any dodgy roommates?

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