April 4, 2021

How do attackers attack through sites?

I have problems with Windows Updates, so I stopped some services to manually reset the Windows Updater. After I did that, I searched online more information, while I was resetting. I noticed legit sites prompting me with a warning, telling me my information might get stolen. I started those services back and restarted my PC. After that I moved all my private folders from my stick to my PC, can someone steal them? Is the theft on those sites only on the Internet? I mean saved passwords and credit cards on the browser. Also after I restarted the services the sites were fine and working. Can anyone steal my information on my PC? I put them on my PC after I started the services back on. The services were: wuauserver, bits, appidsvc, cryptsvc, msiservice.

Also, I haven’t accessed the site, I backed off when I saw the warning.



Don’t believe everything you see online.

If you have a life insurance ad telling you your life might be in danger… will you believe it and hide in your basement with a knife?

Some antivirus/vpn ads tell you your privacy is in danger, your files, and your computer, all are in danger unless you install their product.

It’s either an ad, or scam for malware.

To actually attack your computer you need to either download some shady program and run it, or on a very rare occasion get a vulnerability exploited in your browser.

The second is very rare.

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