April 9, 2021

How do I combine these two fields that interest me?

I am an 18 year old female who is interested in Cybersecurity. The issue is I am also interested in biotechnology, and just all the life sciences, specifically researching diseases and vaccines. I’m aware that if I were to pursue a career in a life science, I would most likely have to get a PhD to get a decent salary and position. Is there anyway I can combine the two fields? Right now, I plan to attend college with a degree in Computer Info Systems.



It’s not directly research, but health care has specialized needs for IT and security. I’ve seen programs tailored to address HIPAA and other medicine-specific needs, so if you shop around you might be able to find something like that.

Coming from the other side, most scientists seem to be competent in at least scripting if not full-up coding. They sort of have to be unless they have enough seniority and budget to be able to delegate it, so it makes sense that their education includes it.


Obviously cybersecurity and drug discovery are very different fields with very different methods. There is, I suppose, the obvious of working cybersecurity in the bioinformatics field – with genetic testing only getting cheaper, personalized medicine is likely to see a boom in the next few years, and that sort of personal data is going to need secure systems to keep it private but still useful. Have a look at [this](https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fbioe.2019.00136/full) and see if anything catches your eye. Also, although it’s not exactly the fields you mention, but because I’m familiar with it, consumer neurodevices are likely to see the same sort of boom now that the tech is becoming cheaper, and likely with similar opportunities for cybersecurity – storing data, preventing hacking, and ensuring reliable operation.

There’s even a buzzword for it, cyberbiosecurity, which you can search if you want to find a while bunch of information. As with any emerging field, there are risks associated with specializing – it’s big now because of the pandemic, DNA sequencing, and such, but predicting the future is hard. Still, cybersecurity is also the kind of skill that’s transferable to things beyond biotech if it doesn’t work out.


Biotechnology is growing at such a crazy rate these days.
For example, Elon Musk is talking about a new technology that can interpret brain signals for quadriplegics to use a mobile phone faster than you could with your fingers.
Imagine finding a way to hack into that device and intercept those signals. Imagine what you could learn. Imagine what damage you could possibly do to the wearer. Sure it’s a little far fetched right now, but instantaneous data communications were impossible just a couple decades ago.
These new devices and many others are going to need security. Open your imagination and follow your dreams.


You could consider studying both and figuring out how to use dna/rna sequencing as a asymmetric encryption method only openable by the person with a particular gene sequence.

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