April 18, 2016

How do I connect to a wireless printer over a wireless network?

I am using a HP zv6000 trying to connect to a HP c6180 over a wireless netwok. I am connected to the network that the printer is on. Other computers on the network are able to access the printer, yet when i run the wizard it wont find it. My computer is running xp.


David H

Wireless printers are quite the rage these days. They have some cutting edge functionalities, yet can be set up very easily. Follow the simple steps given below and you can setup your wireless printer in no time at all.STEP 1: Wireless Network CardYou need a computer with a wireless network card. If your computer does not have one, buy and install it.STEP 2: You need RoutersYou need routers for the purposes of setting up a wireless printer. Your router, as well as, the wireless network of the computer should be 802.11 compliant.STEP 3: Setting up RouterNow the router needs to be set up in your computer. This router is of the wireless variety and software like D-link can help you out in the process of setting it up.STEP 4: Router RecognitionThe computer OS will recognize the router automatically. After this you are ready to actually set up the wireless printer.STEP 5: Through the ComputerOnce the initial process underlined above is over, you need to go to the control panel on your computer. You need to click on the ‘printers’ tool bar and reach the ‘printers’ window. You then choose ‘Add a Printer.’ Choose the kind of printer you want to add.Your Operating System will then search for the printer. After this the driver software will be automatically installed. The printer has to be selected by you and all you need to do is click on the selection.

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