September 15, 2021

How do I get into cyber security?

How do I get into cyber security? I plan on going to college for it, but want to start working in it before, how would I go about doing that? The getting started wiki hasn’t been made yet, last revised a year ago btw. If it matters, I’m in the us and 16.



What IT or cyber skills do you have? That’s what you’ll need to get a job in cybersecurity. Start learning about how computers and networks work and how information is stored and transmitted.

Then you can get an idea which aspects appeal to you, and you start pursuing knowledge in those areas- network architecture, compliance, pen testing, malware reverse engineering, forensics and incident response, etc.

As you get basic knowledge, you can get an entry level spot like at a helpdesk, and you can get experience and continuing to grow your knowledge and skillset.


Learn networking, then move onto cybersecurity.

Oh and if you don’t know how learn how to program, like the concepts and stuff too not just how to make an app. I’d suggest C or python. I know python, I’m currently learning, and wish I knew C.

I think there’s a bunch of posts in here about it.

You can learn a bunch of shit about cybersecurity and have zero idea how to apply it, it’s all about them fundamentals.

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