April 7, 2021

How is truly offensive material prevented from existing on the open internet?

Sorry if this is the wrong sub. This is a pretty general question that falls into the bucket of “things I’ve always wondered about.”

Let’s say (hypothetical example obviously) that I wake up tomorrow determined to create a truly offensive and dangerous website. For argument’s say, let’s call the domain dansbombguide.com. And for the purpose of this example, let’s say that it contains detailed instructions telling people how to make explosives and can thus reasonably be considered to be a public menace / a threat to national security.

My guess is that the first societal defense is that somebody reports the offensive website to my hosting provider. But what if I host with a rogue provider that turns a blind eye to this kind of thing? Or that I manage to obfuscate my host (doesn’t Cloudflare sort of do this)? Or what if I host the site myself and therefore the host and me are effectively the same person.

I’m guessing the next layer of societal defense (let’s continue with the self-hosting example) is my ISP. Presumably it’s a TOS violation for virtually all ISPs to host hate material and if I’ve managed to “doxx” myself as the host I’m also probably liable to face whatever charges apply in my jurisdiction.

But let’s say that another layer of defense fails and I’ve somehow found an ISP that truly let’s anything slide. I’ve also managed to somehow hide my identity.

In cases like this, how does society / law enforcement manage to take truly dangerous/malicious sites off the clearnet?

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