March 23, 2021

How likely am I to be in trouble and how dangerous is this malware/virus ?

I was using my computer searching for some stuff with reddit at the end. I got deeper and accidentally pressed on a very sketchy page that sent me to another page/pop up that was letting me know that I won a free iPad from amazon. It took me some time to realize what was going on but once I did I closed the page. I later ran a free avast scan check and nothing was found but it gave me 4 things that were at risk if something was to happen to the computed. After checking my history to see what had happened I realized I was directed to 3 sketchy websites and not 2 like I thought (one of the website ended with a .live which worries me slot). I may have also reopened the websites as when checking my history I would press on them so it would tell me the website name and location while still being on the history page. I was also using Mozilla Firefox. Ive just reset my history and haven’t noticed anything weird but I’m also not good with technology and don’t know much. What do you think ? And what should I do ? Thanks !



When I say I reopened the pages I mean I went in my history and pressed on the page without actually getting directed there where it would tell me under the history the websites name, location and tags. Is this risky and does this do the same thing as actually going on the page ?

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