January 12, 2021

How long does it take to hack an IP address and how hard is it?

I accidentally clicked on a phishing link and the hacker got to know my IP address but I changed my IP address after a day, he was just a teen bully and he phished me using HiddenEye and Social Engineering Toolkit, so what are the possibilities that I got hacked?



Not great. Don’t worry.

First of all. Despite what Indian call center scammers tells you. You cannot hack or compromise an IP address.

A phishing link usually just sets up a fake website ( if you could DM me the address I’d love to take a crack at it) and truck you into entering your password for a certain account.

The thing you need to know is that anywhere that you’re using that username ( usually an email) ans/or password needs to have the password changed yesterday.


Assuming you don’t have any NATs allowing inbound traffic on your router, the worst you would have to worry about is geolocation or a DDOS attack.

Most ISPs are pretty good about stopping DDOS attacks nowadays and geolocation isn’t always spot on. Assuming the cyber bully doesn’t have any personal identifying information about you then they probably wouldn’t get far with harassing you at your home.


ND for the move of everything IT related. Put 2FA on anything you possible can ( for example Google or Microsoft authentication. But make sure to have a backup of the QR codes for recovery.

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