July 7, 2021

How much personal time is required to be devoted to practice/ learning/ keeping up to date with threats?

Hi all, this is my first post here in this sub reddit, hope to get opinions and advise from the many wise folks here. I shall get straight to the point.

Background: I majored in Materials Engineering, secured a scholarship with the Defence Industry (4 year working contract), and ultimately got offered a role in a Cybersecurity Ops Centre (SOC) upon graduation from University, where I have since spent 3 years in.

As my contract is ending, I question myself if cybersecurity is the job for me. The past 3 years have been fulfilling, I have experienced working shift hours, getting activation calls in the middle of my sleep, as well as working long hours (60+) in a week, also attained some certifications along the way.

Here comes my dilemma, I am also dabbling in stocks trading to make some additional side income and have been relatively successful in balancing both work and trading. My ideal goal would be to work in a relatively fulfilling job with minimal overtime or additional commitments (40+ hours/week), while focusing more time and effort into trading. Currently I still don’t see myself trading full time but I would like to work towards it.

I understand that in cyber security, we have to constantly be up to date on the latest threats and perhaps even software, which is my main concern, as this will likely, and has been, taking away most of my personal time which I would like to dedicate to my development in trading stocks.

As much as I felt fulfilled during my 2.5 years, I’m thinking of switching to a less demanding job/ or even industry, perhaps engineering, which I’m guessing, is slower paced and more predictable, so that I am able to free up more personal time to trade stocks.

My next role in cybersecurity would most likely be forensics and incident response, so how much free time can I expect to have?


I’m not the best at writing and hope that I managed to illustrate the scenario and dilemma that I’m facing for you guys.

Thanks all!


# TLDR: Can cyber security be a low maintenance career where I can focus more time on side hustles? (I’m doing stocks trading). If you do have a side hustle and is working/have worked in cybersecurity let me know.



Find a union job and you’re set.


Read both papers in the morning.

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