May 26, 2021

How realistic is learning python and pentesting or ethical hacking from Udemy, then getting certifications, to enter the cyber security field?

I’m a computer science grad, and I studied it mainly to build sites and apps, but I’ve lost interest in that, and I’m thinking of entering the infosec/cyber security field, as I enjoyed practical networks classes while getting my degree. From going through posts and research, there are some needed certifications, but before trying to get them, is a Udemy course going to be helpful?

– What resources and/or path advice can you give to a newbie?

– What’s “A day in the life of” someone in cyber security?

– Is it more theoretical or practical?

– Also, how realistic is it to freelance in this field?



>What resources and/or path advice can you give to a newbie?

Certifications. Certifications. Certifications. Udemy and tryhackme are nice to get familiar and practice, but employers don’t care about that. A+ (by CompTia) if you’re weak in intermediate IT concepts, Network+ (by CompTia) or CCNA (By Cisco) to get up to speed on networking, and finally Security+ (by Comptia) is basically a requirement to get started.

Certifications are how you prove your skills.

>What’s “A day in the life of” someone in cyber security?

I’m a CyberSecurity Engineer on the infrastructure, networking, and systems side. My day to day is typically a mix of threat hunting, vulnerability management, developing new solutions (NOT programming) and implementing them, and working on administrative stuff like disaster recovery or policies & procedures. As new corporate projects come up, I give advise on how to move forward securely.

>Is it more theoretical or practical?

Both. When it comes to things like “what makes a good encryption algorithm” or “how to best implement administrative controls for my specific business needs” it’s going to be more theoretical.

It’s mostly going to be practical: Identifying issues or weaknesses and coming up with solutions to fix it.

>Also, how realistic is it to freelance in this field?

Eh. Middle or advanced jobs can, but not so much entry level. Once you hit Engineering and ***ESPECIALLY*** architecture, you can basically make six figures over the course of a six month contract lol. Pentesters would be another common freelance job.

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