I’m a bit concerned about my mom’s phone since she’s a bit careless/tech-illiterate. So a few months back, I installed MalwareBytes for Android on it. Initial scan turned up nothing. I then made sure to tell her to not do anything like tapping Yes on pop-ups. A few months later, I did a rescan and it turned up 2 detections: One was adware that couldn’t be helped (it was part of the OS, apparently Oppo phones have some really intrusive software built in) the other one was a “HiddenAds” Trojan.

I’m not sure how concerned should I be about it since there she shouldn’t have been able to do anything that would download a virus in between the two scans.

In addition, there are still icons for sketchy Facebook Apps on her screen. These don’t show up on App Manager and I already removed them from her Facebook account, but they’re still there. Should I just delete them from the screen? (Tapping on them just opens up Facebook then closes it immediately).

What’s frustrating me is that I can’t really find any useful tips/cleanup measures for Android online, even though there is malware out there that can infect Android (plus the fact you can’t really review its system files and processes as conveniently as a PC). Chrome’s updated and sideloading is disabled, but I don’t know if that’s enough. But I also don’t think a phone can handle the multi-software system a PC can.

So how concerned should I be? And what can I do to keep her phone as malware-free as a reasonably protected PC? (besides just factory resetting it).

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