January 25, 2021

How to detect an attack on my WiFi and how can I track them down ?

So I am learning about cyber security and have found some ways criminals hack WiFi to get the password or get control over a router.

I am talking about attack’s from air-crack and by WiFi Deauther Boards. ( this is the ones I am aware about so far )

I experimented my self with air-crack at HOME, but I am also intrested in experimenting with Deauther boards in the future so I can have a clearer understanding of how this type of attack’s work.

What I am trying to get out of this is to have the knowledge of keeping up and seeing when an attack is made and to be able to track the attack down after I have detected an attack.

So how can I know when someone is attacking my WiFi and how can I track them ?




>Tracking them down is not practical

**The reason I want to learn tracking them down is because I want to have to have the qualifications and knowledge needed to work for Cyber Security Company’s that are qualified in this is field and also have the authorization to do so.**


>*This is not legal*

**As about, where I am experimenting with Cyber Security, I have the authorization to do so as I am doing it on my own WiFi with ME my self being the target**

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