October 13, 2021

How to protect our corporate email and fix issues?

Hello everybody! I hope I can find some answers here. Cybersecurity is not my forte, but I have a couple of questions about something that affects my business.


I’m working in the food supplies industry. We provide different groceries for small bakeries, restaurants, and stores. In my business, email is one of the primary forms of communication. The grocery prices we supply change frequently, and we need to send up-to-date information to our customers to ensure all calculations are accurate. Besides, we also inform our clients about our stock. Since someone might order a larger amount of flour, nuts, or oil than we have in inventory, we need to inform them about our current amounts. So, people could spread their orders among different distributors in advance.


That’s why email is vital for our business. I’d even say that it’s the only source of communication with our clients in some instances. Sometimes, we don’t even have their other contact details, except their warehouse addresses, if they’ve contacted us via email. But recently, we have faced some problems with the emails we sent.


Firstly, some of our clients called and informed us that some spam was sent from our email that has nothing to do with the products we offer. We thought that someone had hacked our account and used it for personal purposes. We changed the password and thought that everything would be okay.


Later we simply lost contact with some clients. Some of them then found our phone number, or we found other ways to reach them. They informed us that they either hadn’t received our emails recently or the emails from us went directly into their spam folder.


Is it possible that someone actually hacked our email, or did our address get penalized by ESPs’ spam filters for some reason? We’d prefer to fix these issues ourselves. Of course, I know that there are companies that offer these services. I’ve even considered contacting Glock apps, but I’d rather avoid giving access to 3rd party.

What do we have to look out for while searching for the problem, and how can we be sure that it won’t appear again in the future? I’d be really grateful for any tips or advice on the matter.

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