January 10, 2021

How to race condition

Hi guys, I’ve got some questions about race conditions. I’ve written some code below and I do know that it has a vulnerability: a race condition. This between the lines that check the path / stream, and the point where the file is opened. I want to misuse the race condition to open up “/etc/shadow” to print all passwords. How do I do that?


`#include <stdio.h>`
`#include <stdlib.h>`
`#include <unistd.h>`
`#include <sys/stat.h>`
`#include <sys/types.h>`
`#include <errno.h>`
`#define LEN 800`
`int main (int argc, char *argv[])`
`struct stat st;`
`FILE * fs;`
`char buffer_in[LEN+1];`
`if (argc < 2)`
`fprintf(stderr, “Usage: %s FILEn”, argv[0]);`
`return -1;`
`char *path = argv[1];`
`//checks whether the calling process can access the file pathname`
`if (access(path, W_OK) == 0)`
`int r = lstat(path, &st);`
`if (r < 0)`
`fprintf(stderr, “lstat failed on %sn”, path);`
`// Checks whether file is a symbolic link`
`if ((st.st_mode & S_IFMT) == S_IFLNK)`
`fprintf(stderr, “Error: file %s is a symbolic linkn”, path);`
`fgets(buffer_in, 10, stdin);`
`fs = fopen(path, “r”);`
`if (!fs)`
`fprintf(stderr, “Opening file %s for reading failedn”, path);`
`if(errno == 13)`
`printf(“Errno: %d. Permission denied”, errno);`
`int ret_val = fread(buffer_in, 1, LEN, fs);`
`buffer_in[ret_val] = 0;`
`fprintf(stderr, “Error: access denied!n”);`
`return 0;`

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