July 11, 2021

How to stay motivated while getting work experience?

So I just graduated and I’m now working as a remote support “engineer” and this is my first job. I want to work in security but I obviously need to get experience first since I couldn’t get any while I was in college. It’s not exactly what I want to be doing but I know I gotta do it to get something on the resume. It’s easy to just give up and stop caring since I’m practically stuck where I’m at for a while. It’s good experience for sure but I’m just not motivated anymore to get into security as much as I used to be (I just graduated 2 months ago so I’m feeling existential). How do I keep going? What should I work on? I know cyber is a wide field but my ultimate goal is to work with cyber security in the aerospace sector.

*note: I can currently only work remote jobs for the time being since I’m also acting as a part time caretaker for one of my family members for a few months.



Hey man, I’m in the same situation as you. I just switched majors from computer science to cyber security, and i’ll be doing an IT help desk job in the fall. I want to get a cyber internship or something that will give me experience in cyber so I can get a job easier when I graduate and the thing is man, is even though I will be doing the help desk job, experience is experience at the end of the day. And you said you want to do something in the aerospace sector right? Just keep thinking about why you want to do that job and how happy you are gonna be when you have it. That’s what usually works for me cuz I wanna work as a security analyst so I can help catch hackers and protect people’s data. So yeah just keep thinking about why you went into this field to distract yourself from the weird jobs you’ll be doing.

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