August 31, 2021

How would life be without a VPN?

I will not mention any specific VPN providers in this post, and I hope you avoid mentioning particular brands to avoid deletions.

So a couple of days ago, I found an article about the international day of VPN to raise awareness about the potential online and explaining the demand for VPN over the last two decades.

I know VPN can sometimes be a controversial topic, and many people have many concerns about some providers, but it made me think how bad do we need VPNs in our daily lives.

I mean, I used VPNs only for streaming and didn’t find it much of a cyber security tool, but imagine how life would be without a VPN? The reality is that it would be a disaster for many nations.

If we talk about privacy, it’s an extremely serious matter, and I’m not talking about hiding away from hackers or ISPs here but rather peoples’ lives and personal physical safety. I.e In the middle east, they basically use a VPN to avoid getting in trouble with the ruling regimes. For them, a VPN is essential for speech freedom and especially upon any potential demonstration (which explains why we often hear about VPN soar during protests like those in Hong Kong and some Arab countries).

And speaking of geo-blocks, you will be just amazed when you hear what governments tend to block in certain countries, for example in the east some governments blocked anything that has to do with US based social media apps (google, facebook, etc..), other countries blocked certain features in social media (like blocking VoIP so they keep benefiting from tele companies that are owned by them or their companies)

We’ve come a long way since the internet saw life for the first time in the 90s and sadly in some world hackers and governments have invented many ways to abuse internet users and their privacy, and if International VPN Day can bring just a fraction more awareness to the issues, then we should take it.



>Internation VPN day

What the fuck


What life?

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