January 15, 2021

How would you score my strategy to prevent potential keylogging of a KM link cable software?

Hi guys,

Earlier today I wrote a post about how I can make sure that my KM (keyboard-mouse) link cable is not a security threat. [https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/kxr48s/a_keyboardmouse_data_link_cables_embedded_sw/](https://www.reddit.com/r/cybersecurity/comments/kxr48s/a_keyboardmouse_data_link_cables_embedded_sw/)


Long story short, I bought a KM link cable that transfers data & keyboard/mouse inputs between 2 PCs. i.e, you can connect 2 PCs with this cable and then you can use one keyboard/mouse to control each PC and also transfer data.

The problem is, when I tried to install the embedded software to do all these functionalities, Avira Antivirus flagged the program as Trojan and quarantined the entire files. It was one of the top-selling products from the mall so I suspected False-Positive detection but I just couldn’t be 100% sure if it’s the case.


Therefore, I set up my **strategy** to make sure this never becomes a security threat, and that is to add this to Windows Firewall’s outbound restriction so that it never sends any data into the internet.

Here are the steps I’m gonna do. Would you score this strategy safe or not?

1. Turn off the Antivirus and install the software, add them to the ignore(exception) list.
2. Verify the process name of this cable’s software.
3. Add a Windows Firewall rule to never allow this process to send any information into the internet.


So, what do you think?

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