June 15, 2021

I am 31 and looking to get into cyber security field and coding am I too old to pursue this field 😭?

I am 31 and looking to get into cyber security field and coding am I too old to pursue this field 😭?



No I’m 37 and just going into 3rd year uni :) get it done!


Not at all. I would start by picking either cyber security or secure coding practices though as A starting point. One thing I recommend when starting your journey is to highlight that cyber security and coding are very very different.

I have lived both lives as a developer and a security consultant and my best advice is to focus on the one you are most passionate about first (cyber security is methodology, process, procedure documentation) (coding is development and technical language utilization).

Ones you are comfortable in the route you chose first, then start looking at the other route and integrating it into what you do.

Just remember cyber security is process procedure and more about business and people development where coding is more about technology and business enablement.

Hope this helps you get started!


I don’t think so.
I’m also in the age range and doing it.
I know a few others.
I wouldn’t worry too much.


You could spend 9 years getting a Masters + more and still have 25+ years of working, if you wanted.

There is certainly a point in everyone’s life where making a major career shift isn’t quite as feasible, but you are not at that point yet.


Nope. There isn’t really a “too old”, but you have to keep in mind that it will take some time until you know enough to land a job and that it will probably mean a hit to your income situation.

That’s the only kind of “too old” in this regard.


I am changing careers at 36, so I hope not lol


Just to add on to what others are saying about not being “too old” I switched over to IT a few years ago at 31. A lot of people I work with are in their 50s and 60s. Maybe not all offices are like that but not only would you still be on the young side in my office but there’s also still a chance for a 30 year IT career full of advancement and promotions.

The main thing is be self motivated and keep learning and you’ll be fine.

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