June 2, 2021

I believe I have a Rat.

So I’ll start off with that I’ve been suspecting this for a while, but when it comes to these things, it’s so damn difficult to be sure. My debit card keeps ending up compromised, and I’ve never been sure what the issue is, but now I can say I’m 100% confident. I have drives in the pc that are years and years old, so it’s possible it came from one of the old drives, or from things that I’ve downloaded in the past few years. About 6 months ago, I finally switched all my passwords with bitwarden, and it’s been great, except I didn’t notice that my steam account was still actively being logged into. With the bitwarden generated password, so within the last 3 months they managed to get my bitwarden file I guess. I have taken no steps, I just moved, so the pc is unhooked from the web, and I need advice on how to go about wiping the pc, and if I should wipe my router as well. There is another pc in the house, that has tons of work files on it, that can’t be wiped, and I’m worried that it will end up persisting, either through a bios, mbr, or my router, or possibly jumping back over from the other pc, or any of the rediculous ammount of smart devices I have, including blink cameras, philips hue hub and lights, tvs etc.

I have a windows 10 pc, a z150-a mobo, 1080ti, 8600k.

I run a plex server on this pc as well, but I’m willing to get rid of everything, so I don’t end up with more fraudulent charges, and I’d rather not have to change all of my passwords again, after this go. Please let me know if there’s any more information needed.

My plan of action so far, is to make a boot usb for windows on a friend’s pc, use my current key. Formatting all drives, and just starting from scratch, with some personal stuff uploaded to a cloud. Idk if should flash bios and my router, or what I should do. Any help is greatly appreciated!



You will probably be fine with using a windows boot drive to reinstall, bios flashing is probably unnecessary, and if you want to take an extra step, you can restart your router to have it change your public IP, and if you want to keep your passwords, when you can, change your bitwarden password and have it create a new password for your other accounts, then reinstall windows and log back into bitwarden.

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