April 1, 2021

I have no experience in networking. I spoke to a hiring manager for our cyber security team (WAF) and the hiring manager asked me to apply!

I’m young and have also been into building computers, tried coding python, went to college for digital media so I understand that side of the world BUT, I’m not sure if I’m being nieve here, I was shocked when the hiring manager told me to apply! I only arranged to call to just get an idea of how to get my foot in the door. Never worked IT in my life.

They said that at the very least it gives them a chance to speak to me for longer (making me think it will go to the interview stage??) , to get to know how I think better. I’ve got great soft skills (history of client management) so maybe that’s why they want to speak to me further?
I made it super clear I have zero past experience and they still asked me to apply.

The guy said he would rather have someone on his team who’s keen and willing to learn than someone who’s stuck in books but can’t apply anything to real world examples.

Am I getting over excited? Is this normal behaviour in the IT industry? Why would they call me back to “Highly advise you send us an application”? This is for a major finance company so I thought they would be interested in only the best of the best.



I should add I understand terms like DDOS, HTTP, ISO Layer etc. A little more tech savvy than most that I personally know. To give you some context of what we discussed during the conversation.


It’s definitely a harder IT spot to start out in.

But the biggest thing is getting someone eager to work in the space. Training is the easy part.

I went to college for Cybersecurity and got some background knowledge of how things work sure, but my school didn’t have enterprise tools because of the cost, so that’s all learned on the job and is half the battle

I’ve learned more in the first 6th months about Cybersecurity on the job than I did in 4 years of college

So if you made it clear your interested and eager to learn I don’t see why not

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