February 24, 2021

I just joined to ask this question

Please let me know if there is a better subreddit for it.

I committed the IDIOTIC mistake to look into Facebook dating. Once I started talking to a girl she moved me to WhatsApp and then I understood that it was for paid “services”… 🙈 the thing is, the whole thing is a scam or in the worst case a trafficking scheme, and I got threats from some Hispanic “pimp” (the “girl” spoke Spanish, and so do I). They are demanding money which of course I won’t give.
My security concern: since WhatsApp (which I hate to have but have kept for some of my relatives) shows my REAL phone number, now THEY have it too. Can they find out my address that way? What do you all suggest? Change the phone number? It’s such a pain. I’m already closing WhatsApp, but again, they got my number….
Thank you in advance!



They can. Go to truepeoplesearch.com and see if it’s there. Or just type your name into Google. Should come up and you can have those sites delete you. It’s a pain in the ass but worth the hour or so


Try r/techsupport

Some may help you in this sub, but it’s not in line with the sub rules.


Google your phone number. What you can see they can see. Regardless if this was just an honest mistake I wouldn’t lose a tick of sleep over it

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