April 22, 2021

I know little to nothing about Cybersecurity, is pursuing a MS Degree wise?

I’m currently pursuing a BS degree in Data Analytics, and graduate in a month. The more and more I think about it, I realize I chose the wrong field. The opportunities in my current field feel limited in terms of growth. I was going to pursue a Data Science MS to combat that, but I don’t want to anymore because I can’t stand statistics or a heavy math curriculum anymore.

As a senior with some technical background, will I do fine in a Master’s program for Cybersecurity? I am actually very interested in the field and surprised that my younger self wasn’t smart enough to pursue that as a BS degree.

A combination of insurance money I’ll receive to **specifically** continue school from my late father, and the GRE being waived from many schools, are heavy factors in why I want to go for a MS degree as opposed to completing certs. With that being said though, would there be a better option for people in my situation as opposed to returning to school? I’d be looking at 1 and a half to 2 years for completion, and want to know if that’s enough time to get good job placement, and efficiently learn what I need to know to work. Not positive on what position I’d like to hold, but I honestly just want a secure job doing something I’m interested in. I’ve been hacked as a kid and was left devastated, so you can say I have a personal motivation to learn about this haha. Thanks in advance.

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