April 4, 2021

I made a mistake in despair and downloaded a software that was clearly a virus, however I have ran Kaspersky Antivirus Scan on the object before executing it, which returned nothing, but after executed it installed another program that tried to download a Trojan.

I’m not gonna exempt myself from guilt, I did what I did.

So I download the crack to a software and it screamed virus, however since I use Kaspersky Antivirus and have scanned the object prior executing it and nothing cames from that scan, I thought I was good to go. However after executed it installed a **Nihil.exe** on Programs Files (x86) (and I don’t remember the folder’s name) that tried to download **Trojan.Multi.Preqw.gen** and Kaspersky actively blocked each attempt, but it made a lot of attempts.

I got to the installation folder and tried to shift-delete it, but since it was opened I couldn’t. So I used Process Explorer from Microsoft itself to look for the process. The Process Explorer has a option to scan each running process with Virus Total, and it returned nothing. I looked for the **Nihil.exe** on the processes and didn’t find it because it was running with another name, but same icon, so I could terminate it and Shift-deleted the **Nihil.exe** and then the attempts to download **Trojan.Multi.Preqw.gen** ceased.

Afterwards I ran a Full Scan from Kaspersky and nothing cames up. Since this behavior was so strange to me, like scanning the first executable and returning nothing and Virus Total returning nothing as well from the Process Explorer, I downloaded Malwarebyte to have a second opinion and yet nothing cames up.

So can I rest easy about it? I’m paranoid something could have passed by. Does Trojans hide themselves somewhere else that neither Malwarebyte nor Kaspersky (which is the free version BTW) could detect? How about this strange behavior of nothing being detected by Kaspersky on the first executable and neither the process by Virus Total? Could it be a potentially new threat that no antivirus know of? It happned two days ago actually, and nothing seems to have change on the system, still I’m paranoid.

Worth to mention the **Trojan.Multi.Preqw.gen** was detect by Kaspersky’s Heuristic.



Did it delete the file? And check out CCCleaner

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