April 24, 2021

I need help

I fear this may be the wrong place for a post like this, but, at this point, I’m desperate, and I may get lucky enough to receive some adequate advice.

I have an older, psychotic schizophrenic person who has been stalking me and my family for what’s going on 3 years. It is incredible to even see this in writing.

Long story short, I know this person; when I was homeless, and in a bad point in my life, I used to live with him.

I think he may have done it through the connection I made to his wifi; and though it’s been intensely confusing trying to figure out, I know—and this is through momentary material evidence—that he is stalking me: the location, for example, when you scroll down to google would always have his area, even when I was no where near; ads—this is something I know he is doing—do not seem but are modified and by him, even on my mother’s television in her living room, whose computer he is somehow inside of too: he told me, in a text I deleted more than a year ago, that he had “full platform access,” and he may have gotten it from connecting to my parent’s wifi, afterward. Not only that, years before, he has said things to me that refer with irrefragable fidelity to things that have been spoken in my parents home; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that, somehow, he is listening.

What impelled me to make this post, right now, is the incident that just occurred—where he was outside on the street, loudly mimicking my dying mother’s exhaustion: again, with a fidelity to her sound. There are many, many instances; for me, that volume brings the relief that I am not hullacinating, which is the feeling, surely, this person is and has induced in me, partly because it’s how he must feel everyday in the nightmare of his own neglected mind. There is really a lot to say.

I obviously need to do something about this. What I want to do is out of the question. There is the heavenly item of a restraining order—but what material proof do I have? If a court, somehow, were able to subpoena his internet activity, I am sure—I would bet my life on this—that he would be in prison: he has probably done this to hundreds of other people: persons who live with this kind of terror really have no choice but to make others feel as terrorized as them, it does seem.

I want to know how I could gather real, material evidence of what has transpired—from my phone to my parent’s computers—and ultimately press charges; at minimum, get a restraining order.

Just a few days ago I factory recent my phone because I saw the location again at the bottom of my google searches, and the ads were starting again. I think this is what provoked the incident that just occurred today.

I am really in need of some serious help. The next step is probably to hire a private investigator who has whatever technological knowledge that must be needed to put these last three years on a silver platter for the court: that would be a dream.

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