September 11, 2021

I need some help, I think I got some malware. what’s the next step?

Bit of a story here, so get ready for that.

Yesterday, I decided to try installing Cheat Engine again (I just wanted it so that I could better showcase my geometry dash levels, I didn’t plan on actually cheating.. Now, before you call this out as obvious malware, I know for a fact that it’s not, or at least I thought I did. Tens of thousands of people use it, and the source code is available of GitHub. Anyway, for the past few days I had been trying to install it, but widows kept not letting me finish the download because it thought it was a virus. This is understandable, simply because of the way that cheat engine works. It injects code into the memory of already running programs, which windows *really* like*.* So, yesterday, the download completed, and I was able to install the software. During the installation, I was offered some “extra software”, including MacAfee, which I declined. Afterwards, I was feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, so I scanned my computer with Avast. This didn’t pick up anything. But, since I’m paranoid, I also scanned with Malwarebytes, and this time, I got something. Three files, all in my recycle bin, all labeled “PUP.Optional.OfferCore” by Malwarebytes. When I looked in the recycle bin, there were three files simply labeled “CheatEngine7.3”. I used Malwarebytes to quarantine the files, and they disappeared. Seeing this, I immediately uninstalled Cheat Engine from my system. I have noticed virtually zero changes to the way my system works.

I’m kind of at a loss as for what to do next. Are these files dangerous? Should I use Malwarebytes to delete them? If I do, will my computer be safe to use, or do I need to reformat my SSD, or get a new one altogether?



Oh nonononoo

You’re massively overreacting, Cheat Engine was detected because of its installer. Malwarebytes is hard on PUPs and optional “offers”.

It’s safe to ignore that detection.


PUP’s are not dangerous, not malicious, they are simply unwanted.


yeah it’s just malwarebytes detecting the “opencandy” installer, i use the portable version of cheat engine for this reason

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