Keeping the results short rather than boring process:

Kaspersky might edge BitDefender.

Brave doesn’t work on Kaspersky. And I don’t trust Brave on BitDefender (results aren’t clear)

Safari, Chrome, Firefox worked fine. Safari can be buggy. Chrome seemed best (safest ironically).

I used AMTSO. See bottom links.

**Doubt**: After running all the AMTSO tests and playing around elsewhere, I went onto the “decentralised” (being polite) site []( and clicked on TV series to the left. Kaspersky made a point of telling me a pop up called “Weaversomething” was blocked. BitDefender did not, nor could I find any mention of it in the logs. Did it block it? I don’t know. Brave browser didn’t block it on either AV (pop up ended up linking to eToro for me). Have run full AV checks and all is fine on my my Mac if you want to try the same. Yes, I’m saying try going to this iffy site and click on TV series on the left as a final test to determine yourself how effective your AV really is. (Kaspersky clearly blocks this pop up loading a new site. BitDefender did not). I’d be interested in other results from people.

(Those who say “don’t visit such sites idiot!” my reply is these sites are everywhere, that’s it’s better to know how good your system is rather than find out later when it’s too late)

On a Mac at least, Kaspersky with above browser choices seems like the best bulletproof option. Brave is for the Brave (unfortunately, as I like it)



Thanks to
u/NovelExplorer for providing link to [****](

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