May 27, 2021

I Recently had a data breach and i think i secured everything. But did i? Help me please.

so around 3 weeks ago I downloaded a couple of malicious files by accident and i was in for a world of stress. The very next day i see my PC acting strangely. 100% CPU and GPU usage Doing nothing at the home screen. My rig is getting hot, heating up my whole room which isn’t normal for me. I know this isn’t right so i start to get suspicious that my Computer is being used for crypto mining and behold, I open Task manager and notice that for a flash second, i can see the program causing it before it hides itself. I used Process Hacker to see if there was a miner on my PC and of course there was, it’s called **pmstart.exe.** I panic and jumped on this fast and spent hours looking for solutions to get rid of this malware and any other unwanted malwares/viruses/trojans that might’ve been included during my downloading of said previous malicious files. I spent the whole day figuring out what i could do to rid my PC of all harmful files once and for all by downloading gridinsoft anti malware and doing a full scan. oh yeah, It caught more than just the miner, and i did what i had to do to secure my PC the best i could by removing them all. After gridinsoft goes to work and removes all of them, I think i should be okay now right? All the viruses, Malwares, Trojans have been removed. I Started frantically scanning and restarting my PC every hour the whole day and week to make sure nothing came back and to make sure that i was officially. I was sure at this point that im okay now.. right? My computer wont get bricked as there are no malicious programs running on it anymore. but i missed something that should have been obvious. 1 week later i cant login to facebook, Discord, Or

this is the moment I Realized i have had a complete data breach. But How bad is it? How much do they got, how much do they know. What could they can and can’t get into? What can i do to make sure that im still secure, along with everyone else in my house that owns a computer thats running on the same wifi. I Changed my passwords for The really important stuff such as my bank and my Emails. but i dont know how severe this can get. Currently as im typing this post. Ive only lost access to my Facebook, Discord, And My bank is ok so far. no weird activity, no charges, changed password as said. I Can still get into my Emails, also changed those passwords. My steam account is fine, since has 2 step verification/ phone number linked and AGAIN changed password. but Even though all the viruses are removed and my anti malware tells me my computer is clean, will i be ok? I want to asssume that the data that was breached and available to whoever the attacker is, was only available to them if the viruses/malware was on my computer. so after i removed all of those harmful files, is it ok to say they couldnt get any of my new updated passwords? How does this work? I Have not ran into any other accounts that have been messed with. I am scared, i feel exposed online. i dont feel safe on my computer at all even if the anti virus softwares i have say that im ok. Im going to buy a new computer and download everything from scratch. will the new computer be safe? Is my network safe? Im not educated much on cyber security what to do’s and dont’s. All and any help will be much appreciated. And just to finish things up i will say again that only my Facebook, Discord, And accounts have been inaccessible to me currently at the time of this post. Im thankful thats its nothing more than those 3, but i can only hope that its only those 3. Sorry if this post is hard to read, im extremely tired and stressed. Im hoping that when i get the new computer ill be free from this all even though according to anti virus softwares ”im safe now”.

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