January 3, 2021

I think I have a rat on all my devices, please help

I have several messaging and dating apps on my phone and someone or some people are deleting messages on my phone and emails. It all follows a same pattern of sending messages out a load of messages and the only one that reply are the fake ones, scammers , women with boyfriends and women in other countries. I sometimes get the notifications for the messages and then when I go to check they are missing. sometimes I see the messages appear on the app and then suddenly disappear. If a real reply does get through it the account blocks me after a couple of messages after we are getting on. Some on or some people are actively trying to destroy my life. To prove it today I sent out hundreds of messages and have had 0 replies from real women on dating apps and insta. I sent out 400 messages on insta and got 3 replies all had boyfriends. hundreds on skout, hundreds on tagged and hundreds on meetme and I have 0 replies when I used to get half the messages I sent out replied to.. It is not just limited to my phone I was writting solidity code on my laptop and when I was compiling it; there kept getting random letters added on to the end of my code so it wouldn’t compile and I kept deleting it but more letters kept appearing. I motherboard for pc was bought on my ebay and it wasn’t me. When I have needed to make important phone calls my mic has been muted on my phone. Someone or some people are really going out of their way to destroy my life and psychologically torture me. This is really getting to me please help me

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