April 1, 2021

I think I’m being targeted by espionage, help?

Since about May last year, I have started receiving a huge amount of spam emails that make their way to my main inbox. They’ve affected 3 of my most used email addresses. The emails are from random addresses so they’re impossible to block, but the “to” field is my normal email address with aol.com instead of Gmail. My inbox is starting to look like my spam folder and I’m tempted to just create a new email address and ditch this one.

Since then, I have also received a ton of scam text messages that claim to be UPS or FedEx with a link to “track my package” that doesn’t exist. I immediately delete these messages but they keep coming almost every day.

On top of that, both my iPhone and iPad have really odd screen time reports that are linked to Safari. They are randomized letters and numbers with “CloudFront.net” and use 24hr screen time every day all day.

Another odd thing that happens is I receive “blank” notifications. I get them, but can’t open them and just end up swiping them away. They’re completely blank and was able to screenshot one instance.

Here are some screenshots of this:



Cloufront Screen Usage


Blank Notifs


On my iPad, when those emails first started appearing, I held down on the image (which is just the entire email content as a link disguised as an image) to see if there was any info in the URL that would help me figure out where the source was originated from. It ended up opening the link in a small Safari popout and endlessly loaded a blank screen.

I’ve purchased all new devices and the problem still persists. (I originally switched from Android when this first started happening)

I ignored this for months assuming this could just be an increase of adware and cyberattacks with the pandemic, but after some situations in my personal life with a close friend (some stolen bank statements, etc.), I started to realize that said person shouldn’t always know my location, my private conversations, call history, browser history, and (this could just be me being paranoid, but there are some absolutely convictive examples) somehow knows conversations that took place in person. At times, it almost seems like he wants me to know he’s watching me. I could dive into this, but I’m really just looking to make some connections here and see if this type of thing is even possible. I feel like I have tried everything but am still being stalked by said person to the point where it’s affecting my daily life. There is potentially a great deal of envy and a clear motive behind this so it would not surprise me if said person has some kind of dark end-goal.

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