January 15, 2021

I used to go on dangerous sites and to this day am worried my phone has a virus

In the past I used to be really curious as to what was beyond the instagram pornbot links. I was half stupid, half smart as i knew they were bots and were clearly fake. Also knowing if i enter any details they would be lost and phished. Also not deliberately trying to download anything from their sites. The only thing i did was just i.e. click on the ads on a fake sites such as “spdate” or “juicy date” to see if it actually was one. Or click continue on the things where it says be discrite or i would click next question (but not answer all of them) and click back letting it redirect me to another page. That was my stupid part as i didnt knoe about driveby downloads at the time. I kept doing what a was doing for a while, months. If i was bored i would see whats beyond those links to see if the scammers would change anything on them or if there were fluctuations. Although the last time i did this was nearly a year ago. In the past there were times where i wasnt bothered on looking at them for a year and focusing on other stuff. But a couple years ago i remember for a day or two i was curious what was beyond that link (pornbots on facebook).

I know i fucked up. But all these years i havent noticed anything happen, no breaches in my accounts. No noticeable malware, no theft of my bank or any of that. This was all on my android phone where i used to see what was beyond the links not a computer. The most im worried about is if someone has hacked my phone camera and spying on me all this time to now (invasion of privacy regardless of what you get upto can be compromising) waiting to try and directly threaten me god knows when. Again last time i was being stupid was nearly a year ago after that i moved on from doing these small things.

I posted something like that before, i got told if you didnt allow installation of unknown apps then the malware shouldnt install in the first place. Good thing i never messed with my security settings on my phone. I have a premium avast installed and had multiple deep scans saying you’re protected. Although i still feel insecure and i don’t know why i feel as though somethings not right..

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