July 6, 2021

I want to develop skills that a real hacker has. I want to think like a hacker. Question:

In cyber security people say you don’t really need high level programming knowledge. I’m going to school this year for a 3-year program in computer networking and security. I do learn python and SQL in the program but no C/C++ or Java.

Are these languages I should learn in the future if I want to become a pro like a hacker? I don’t want to do illegal things, I just want the skills. Also, how long will it typically take to master one language? I am a newbie to all of this.



To be honest, unless you are going to create scripts to break into systems, learning one language over another is not really going to help. Despite all the hype about hacking, the skills that they have are the ability to “think outside the box”, be patient, and love learning. Most exploits are discovered by hackers who just poked around and used the system in ways the normal user would not use it.


I mean a hacker doesn’t need to master any programming language, python, bash, go, JavaScript are good languages to know.

If you want to be a “hacker” look into the OSCP certificate. It’s the premium hacking cert, studying for that will give you the basic skills of being a hacker, lots of courses you can take such as the following:


I’d take the Ethical Hacking Course, will teach you the basics of everything, an amazing course!


Python, go, rust Ruby on rails… the more the better

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