July 8, 2021

I want to get into cybersecurity as a career but I feel like I’m too dumb

I’m a recently graduated student (1 year ago) with a college degree. Unfortunately the years I’ve been studying cybersecurity didn’t really have that big of a focus in my country’s education up until the last year of my course.

I finished my studies and I graduated as a sysadmin and I have gotten a job at a very good employer and they have a wide variety of options regarding courses i can take (paid by them!). The current department I work in is like I said a sysadmin-ish job, however I want to develop and grow myself towards the Security Operations Center but I honestly feel like I lack the experience and knowledge to follow said paid cybersec courses and actually pass them. I find cybersecurity really interesting and my passion does not lie within what I currently do (although I don’t mind working what i do right now)

My current department is to be seen as kind of a “development” department. Meaning that people here get hired and eventually work their way up to a different department in the corporation be it Microsoft, Linux, etc

And as I said my goal would be towards the security side but I feel like I’m too stupid to actually get there. When I lurk and read post submissions or comments I’m like “wtf how do you guys come up with this?”…



There are different levels of cybersecurity and avenues. You don’t have to know everything but you should develop a standard lay of the land by trying to get a certification like security + and maybe CySA +.

They are not overly complex certs but more packed with a lot of terminology. Especially security +.

I think it would be a good idea to start there.

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