January 11, 2021

I would like your advice — Career related


I’ve posted here many times so I hope I can ask for your advice.

Here is my situation



I got a job as a Cybersecurity Analyst in December of 2020 — So this is my 2nd month on the job

It’s a 6 month conversion scenario — I’m a contracted employee for 6 months then I get hired by the actual company after month # 6 — So May 2021 is when I’m hired by the company fully.

It’s my first job in cybersecurity


I have a MS in CS, BS in CS, CompTIA Security+, eLearn Security eJPT on the way and OSCP planned for later this year. I also have several cyber positions at my University and teaching XP.


I live at home with my parents currently.

My Dad got a promotion and the family (Mom, Sister) are moving to Texas in May/June this year because of that.

So I have to move out — ideally before end of April. I just don’t know what to do though? Should I try to find a job in Texas and move out there with them? Try to find a place there? I heard that Texas has a much lower tax rate which is always good. Do you think that 6 months of XP is good enough?

The reason I ask is that I make a decent amount of money where I am right now but living by myself is kind of expensive — I’m factoring about 25 to 35% of my monthly salary goes to living expenses + bills. But then again, I’m not sure that I’ll get a job in Texas – Plus all the hassle of moving – but then again, the cybersecurity in Texas is very good from what I hear.

I don’t have a lot of time to decide this and I have to make a decision soon – I have so much stuff to do and take care of.

I already asked this question to several of my friends, AMAs and other online posts – some say that I should go, others say that I should stay.

If anyone is in Texas right now in the cybersecurity industry, I would love to talk to you or get some insight into your career over there. I’ve always wanted to work for Cloudflare and they have some positions in Austin open — just something I thought of.

Any advice would be appreciated. If you need more clarification about my current salutation, I’ll be more than happy to provide it.

Thank you!



I am in Texas. Big state. What part? I’m north of Houston. Oil being down reduced the job market significantly in this area. Cyber is a needed position. The people I knew looking for a more permanent spot went to Austin, Dallas, or Washington (for government positions). I think if you are making good money and have a chance for promotion, I would stick with it. 3-5 years experience in cyber is usually the minimum to move (in my experience). Also, the tax rate is usually offset by lower pay. I think I covered everything. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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