May 15, 2021

IDP.Alexa.53 on custom Powershell script


I was developing a simple powershell script that retrieve information in some PDFs. It runes without problems in the ISE (the development tool for Powershell), but as soon as I try to run it with the “run with powershell” function in Windows, I get a Avast popup with error IDP. Alexa.53 on my script.

I put the file in quarantine and I ran an Avast and MalewareByte scan, both of them didn’t detected anything. My script uses an external dll, which I scan on virusTotal with these results : [](, so it seemed fine…

What should I do ?

Here are the scripts file (there are two of them, Avast reported the first) :

#on initialise les variables
#$sourceFolder = “H:TEMP”
#$destCSV = “H:TEMPKIT.csv”
$sourceFolder = “.”
$destCSV = “.TEST_KIT.csv”
$compteur = 0

#on crée le .csv
Set-Content -Path $destCSV -Value “No Prestation;No config;No Sous-prestation;No Immeuble;No Objet;Date début;Date fin;No Locataire;Date prestation;Switch locataire”

#pour chaque fichier
foreach ($file in Get-ChildItem -Path $sourceFolder){

#si l’extension est .pdf
if ($file.Name -match “^(homePad)(-)(d{2})(-)(d{2})(-)(d{4})(-)(.+)(-)(d+)(.pdf)$”){

#on récupère la date
$tabDate = $file.Name.Split(“-“)
$dateFormatee = $($tabDate[1] + “.” + $tabDate[2] + “.” + $tabDate[3])

#enregistrer la fonction
. “.Import-PDFText.ps1”

#on récupère le contenu du pdf
$fileContent = $file | Import-PDFText
$tabPDF = $fileContent.ToString().Split(“`n”)

#on récupère les informations
foreach ($line in $tabPDF) {
if ($line -like “Objet (Réf. :*”) {
$objetImmeuble = $line.Split(“/”)
$numImmeuble = $objetImmeuble[1]
$numObjet = $objetImmeuble[2].Substring(0, $objetImmeuble[2].Length – 1)
} elseif ($line -like “Locataire entrant (Réf. :*”) {
$numLocataire = $line.Split(“/”)[2]

#on vérifie que les informations sont correctes
if (($numImmeuble -match “^d{4}$”) -and ($numObjet -match “^d{5,6}$”) -and ($numLocataire -match “^d{5}$”) -and ($dateFormatee -match “^(d{2}).(d{2}).(d{4})$”)) {
#on ajoute la ligne
try {
Add-Content -Path $destCSV -Value $(“3;5;501;$numImmeuble;$numObjet;;;$numLocataire;$dateFormatee;”) -Force -ErrorAction Stop
$compteur = $compteur + 1
} catch {
Write-Error “Erreur lors de l’écriture dans le fichier, assurez vous que le fichier est bien fermé et réessayez.”
$wshell = New-Object -ComObject Wscript.Shell -ErrorAction Stop
$wshell.Popup(“Erreur lors de l’écriture dans le fichier, assurez vous que le fichier est bien fermé et réessayez.”, 30, “Erreur”, 16+0) | Out-Null
Write-Host $($file.basename + ” n’a pu être traité”)
} else {
Write-Host $($file.basename + ” a été ignoré”)

#on affich un rapport à l’utilisateur
$wshell = New-Object -ComObject Wscript.Shell -ErrorAction Stop
$wshell.Popup($compteur.ToString() + ” fichiers ont enregistré dans ” + $destCSV, 30, “Résultat”, 64+0) | Out-Null



function Import-PDFText {
Imports the raw text data of a PDF file as readable text.
Takes the path of a PDF file, loads the file in and converts the text into readable
string data, before outputting it as a complete string.
PS C:> Import-PDFText -Path .Test.pdf | Set-Content $env:Temptest.txt

Returns all of the text in Test.pdf as a string using StringBuilder and stores it to a
file in the temp folder.
Takes a file path as pipeline input.
Outputs the entire text content of the PDF file as string.
Requires the iTextSharp library, which can be downloaded from here:

Place the DLL in the same folder as the script, and execute the function.
[Parameter(Mandatory, Position = 0, ValueFromPipeline)]
[ValidateScript({ Test-Path $_ })]
begin {
if (-not ([System.Management.Automation.PSTypeName]’iTextSharp.Text.Pdf.PdfReader’).Type) {
Add-Type -Path “$PSScriptRootitextsharp.dll”
process {
$Reader = New-Object ‘iTextSharp.Text.Pdf.PdfReader’ -ArgumentList $Path
$PdfText = New-Object ‘System.Text.StringBuilder’

for ($Page = 1; $Page -le $Reader.NumberOfPages; $Page++) {
$Strategy = New-Object ‘iTextSharp.Text.Pdf.Parser.SimpleTextExtractionStrategy’
$CurrentText = [iTextSharp.Text.Pdf.Parser.PdfTextExtractor]::GetTextFromPage($Reader, $Page, $Strategy)
$PdfText.AppendLine([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString([System.Text.ASCIIEncoding]::Convert([System.Text.Encoding]::Default, [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8, [System.Text.Encoding]::Default.GetBytes($CurrentText)))) | Out-Null


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