January 25, 2021

If your computer is outdated can you just plug 2 older computers together for twice the power?

no, it doesn’t work that way, a computer will be slow because it has a processor that isn’t up to snuff to be able to handle the amount of data that needs to be handled in modern software, stringing two old computers together will not fix this, since only one processor will be used to process this data, another thing that makes a computer slow is the speed and amount of the RAM being used, RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it isn’t used for storage, it is used to speed up the process that your computer uses to access information, as computers have progressed they have created faster and faster RAM, the speed of the RAM being used is dictated by the motherboard, or mainboard, of the computer, so you wouldn’t be able to just install faster RAM, however there may be something you could do to improve the speed by combining the RAM of the two computers, if both computers use the same speed of RAM and they are not already maxed out you may be able to remove the RAM from one computer and install it into the other boosting your RAM and speeding up your computer, Depending on your computers this may not be able to be done even if they are the same speed of RAM, often RAM needs to be installed in equal amounts, so if you have one computer with 1 4GB RAM chip and the other has 1 2GB RAM chip this would not be able to be done, you would also have to have open slots on the motherboard for RAM, even if the RAM in the two computers isn’t compatible you may want to look at getting RAM for the faster of the two and see how it works, RAM now a days is cheap, Increasing RAM is one of the easiest ways to improve the power of an old machine, you may also want to format your hard drive and do a full reinstall of the operating system, this can really speed things up, but make sure to back everything up before you do this 

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