January 12, 2021

I’m 12 and I’m being swatted.

I don’t know who to go to on this. It’s 1am, my parents are asleep. I’m an insomniac and I like using Omegle. I was on a chat, no video or anything, and then some guy pasted my address, ISP, IP after 10 seconds. He then said he was about to swat me, by calling SWAT teams to my house saying I’m a terrorist. I’m now terrified, staring out the window writing this waiting for a police van to come. I can’t tell my parents. Please help



Someone can’t get your actual home address with just your IP. That’s not enough to SWAT you. It’s just a troll.


First as someone already said, if you really are worried tell your parents. Wake them up. You’re probably going to get a lecture of being up late, and chatting with strangers.

Honestly, knock that off. There’s a lot of weird people on the internet.

Second. I wouldn’t worry too much, your IP can’t easily trace to your address.

Third. It’s most likely a troll. People say and do stupid things online to mess with people.

Lastly, go to bed. You’ll have enough time to destroy your health by being up so late when you’re an adult.


If you are seriously concerned. You should either wake your parents up. Or call the police yourself, and tell them what has happened.


EDIT; There is a good chance it’s not a real threat I would imagine, but there isn’t any reason to risk it. Also, Random people on the internet might not be the best place to grab serious advice. Just saying.

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