January 23, 2021

I’m a bit worried after someone scared me on Omegle I think it was a DDoS attack but idk what that is tbh

Yesterday I was stupid and went on omgele nothing inappropriate just bored this one guy tricked me into staying on wit him for a few minutes around 3 and said if I next him I would be badly punished so I was like wtf. He read out the town where I am from and I was like how do you know that he said I’ve tracked your IP address I’m a cyber attacker and said iboot or something idek. I got scared and nexted him then my WiFi went down and nothing would work so I freaked turned off my pc and unplugged my router it’s still unplugged I’m scared. I’ve since turned on my pc and connected it it my mobile data but is there anything I should do I’m scareddddd what can they do



Sounds like someone got the inspiration from a YouTuber’s series. Likely was a DoS attack of some format, the other popular attack on Omegle seems to be a MitM. I don’t think they are going to still be targeting you.

A recommendation for next time is to be using a VPN whenever you are exposing yourself in a 1:1 connection like Omegle. You may consider downloading and turning that on while still using your mobile.


Many apps can report the IP of the client that’s connected. From there, it is very easy to know the town, and DDOS you.

Most isps will provide a new IP address when you reconnect your modem. If it’s still being spammed, you will need to have them change it for you, they are aware of these things and will help.

You were the victim of someone that would have likely tried to get sick shit from you. Pics or other types of blackmail.

Don’t put yourself in that position ever again. If something feels off, block and leave immediately no matter what platform you are on.

Best of luck in the future.

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