March 25, 2021


(Sorry for my weak English)

Hey everybody,i just want to get something off my chest,i’m a guy with rules when it comes to the internet,rules that i don’t,can’t,won’t break for NOBODY,when i was 17 i had my bank information stole from the internet (i accidentally posted my bank account info in a photo on Facebook,total:2579$)
I was furious,cried for days,a week later i decided to delete all my social media accounts,and since than i became paranoid,i made a lot research about how to protect myself on the internet,no real names,always used gift card or bitcoin,no adress,always connect with vpn,use tor as much as possible,linux,i have 3 computers that i never used my real name or info on,never download things directly on my computers i use external drives,3 years ago i installed pihole in my router including the vpn,i don’t have a mobile phone…………ext
My friend came to my apartment yesterday and he asked me for my wifi password i told him that i disabled my wifi bcuz i only use wires so if he wants to go to the internet he gonna have to use my computer so i gave him my laptop after 2 minutes he started yelling at the computer bcuz he was trying to connect to his Facebook but i blocked Facebook,google,amazon…… and the others from my internet traffic ,he asked to allow Facebook for him so he can check his messages i said no,that’s when he got really mad and told me that I’m stupid and paranoid
If u were in my place what would you do?



Um, sorry, you sound really paranoid. You lost money by literally posting your bank account info, it doesn’t mean you have to live in 24/7 fear for the rest of your life either.

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