April 27, 2021

I’m the luckiest person alive. But IDK what to do next.

Long story short. I’m in my 30s, i’ve worked as an audio engineer, A/V + home automation installer, and bicycle mechanic (random, i know)

i spent all of last year looking to get a better job and hopefully pivot into something more long term.

I answered a random job ad. A “security company” looking for someone who is computer savvy and willing to learn. “Perfect” i thought. I had nothing to lose.

To my surprise, I get called in for a face to face interview. I shared my experience as an audio guy, an a/v guy, being a bicycle nerd, and of course, a lifetime spent on computers.

This interview turned into a lovely conversation and I was hired on the spot. Wow. I’m so lucky.

About 3 days into my role, i still kinda didn’t understand what my role was. One of my bosses invited me to a zoom meeting with someone with more experience, who told me what it is that i actually do.

He said I’m an OSINT Analyst. And politely explained what that is.

Woah. There’s a job for this?! and holy cow i love it! i’m so lucky. I’ve been interested in OSINT my whole life but never knew it had a name or a method. Or that someone would be willing to pay for my mediocre computer knowledge.

But I don’t want to be mediocre. I want to be great.

I understand that OSINT is part of the cyber security tool set. and while this company doesn’t deal with “cyber” security per se, i’m already noticing the cross over.

I’ve bought the book by Bazzell, waiting for computer parts i ordered to build my Linux machine, and walking into work with the shittiest smile known to man.

So, Where can i take this? Is OSINT an emerging practice? Should i take advantage of tuition reimbursement and go to school for cyber sec? Any other OSINT people here?

I’m scared and happy and I appreciate this sub hearing me out. ✌🏻

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