April 20, 2021

Insane Mining Virus?? Untraceable, Cant remove it..

So I had this issue where I was trying to stream through my 2nd PC through NDI, it streams through ethernet as long as both computers are on a 1gbps connection and on the same modem.. When I tried streaming the screen would just be black so I did a bunch of research and it said that if the network was private it wouldn’t work so I changed the network to public.. 10 minutes later, network back private.. I do some research and find out you can change the network to public through regedit, and within regedit I could see profiles I hadn’t created with different network names under local machine/software/microsoft/windows nt/currentversion/networklist/profiles… there was literally 15 profiles at least, i deleted them all, hours later another appears… delete it, hours later, another appears… now the guy stopped cause I was relentless on deleting them so he wasnt able to achieve anything, but all the sudden I login today and hes tried to rig it so I couldnt media stream, media streaming was turned off and a new profile had appeared once again.. delete the profile, enable media stream, ndi works again… ive ran malware, kaspersky or w.e, norton and malware bytes.. nothing is finding anything so im at a loss..



Classic case of paranoia, nothing what youre experiencing is sounding even remotely malware related.

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