September 2, 2021

Iphone phub virus?

K so im really exposing myself here lol but im just really confused because literally everywhere I go on the internet it says iphones can’t get viruses or that u cant get one specifically from a p*rn website but like….. I did and I cant find any info abt it. It was a fake apple calandar notification that popped up when an ad appeared but instead of it being in second window it remained on my screen even when I moved to my home screen. The first time this happened I simply restarted my phone and made sure not to touch it but then it happened again and the second time was wayy worse. It appeared in the same way but this time when I tried to restart my phone it made this intensely loud siren noise and then made my phone call 911, and no matter what I did the call would not stop. It froze my phone. So ofc freaking out I pressed ‘Ok’ on the fake calendar app because yes the whole time it was on my screen. This time it wouldnt restart no matter what I did. And although I clicked ok on the notif and It was gone, it continued spamming me every 2 mins or so with a fake Calendar Event notif. I had to factory reset my phone but honestly my phone has been slower since and I honestly cant tell if it’s still there or if it was basically the equivalent of a prank in virus form because when I’d click on the event notif it would take me to a fake version of the calander app with a bunch of text that was essentially mocking me for getting a virus lol. Nothing has happened since but I just wanted to get this out there because it freaked me tf out and Im still scared that it’s somehow still on my phone. Is this common?

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