June 3, 2021

IPv6 Use Cases

A co-worker of mine is getting asked by the client to provide IPv6 use cases. This client has done nothing with IPv6 yet and is planning a migration. That being said, a generic list of use cases would probably work fine. I’m getting a lot of junk on Google, curious if anyone had recommendations?



In isolation, I see little reason to use IPv6 for your internal network. In fact, I’ve experienced a lot of issues when IPv6 has been enabled internally, especially when trying to access IPv4 only internet resources.

The only reason I see to implement IPv6 at this point in time is if your entire company can subsist on IPv6 internally and externally. You’ll want to validate that all of your IoT (printers in particular) support IPv6. Theoretically, when the world switches over to IPv6, then you’ll be ready. But, we’ve been saying IPv6 is the way for years now…and we are still using IPv4 regularly.

Beyond future proofing, IPv6 can provide some options for managing your corporate WAN/LAN better. You can create IPv6 groups which enable your devices to communicate directly with less network level management. In theory this should reduce some of the costs associated with network level segmentation/hardware as it can be done through the networking software stack on endpoints.

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